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The Foundation does not apply any exclusivity criteria when financing projects - on the contrary, it attaches importance to broad-based financial support. In this sense LOTEX FOUNDATION provides targeted start-up financing for social projects that puts selected projects and initiatives in a position to apply for additional funds from other private and public institutions. 

Projects are identified by LOTEX FOUNDATION itself, no applications are being received. 

What we do not support
The Lotex Foundation focuses its funding both thematically and geographically. Projects that do not correspond to the described focus areas will not receive support and will not be responded to. This includes in particular:

  • Applications with missing, insufficient or inaccurate information.

  • General requests for support without reference to the Lotex Foundation (circulars)

  • Projects of large aid organizations  

  • Conferences and congresses

  • Individuals (scholarships, dissertations, emergency aid)

Applications for support sent by mail or e-mail will not be processed by the Lotex Foundation.

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